Those beautiful bright and shinny rays of summer seem to last forever when in the company of good people, great music and of course IMFmag. Continuing on our path to bring your ears up and coming fresh new content, we got a chance to talk with mind behind the very essence of summer, She Said Disco, and he brought along treats; more specifically a brand new exclusive remix of “Two Love” from Van She. So sit back relax, kick off your shoes, find your flip flops, head to the beach sands or pool-side stands, grab a PYT and get familiar with She Said Disco as we peak behind the veil of this incredible French producer after the break.

IMF: For those who don’t know you, would you mind giving an introduction to yourself?
I am She Said Disco, I am 23, I live in Orléans, France, and I make chilly disco-house music.

IMF: What did you do before She Said Disco?
In the real world where people get money I am a graphic designer, but in music, I started producing maybe five years ago, at first it was mainly electronic, kind of stupid fucked up music and with the evolution of my tastes and my love for funky music, I started progessively to make some more chilly/disco sounds, that is how She said disco was born. But I keep making some weird music sometimes under different names, for those who are interested, it’s here: Please don’t judge me, this is just a bunch of tracks for fun, but I will certainly release an EP before the end of the year with this alias.

IMF: What is the track that you are most proud of? And your most overlooked song/remix by the fans that you wish more people heard?
Sincerely, maybe the one which will be highlighted in my next EP, a kind of disco anthem very efficient and full of sexyness. For the remix, maybe the one for my hometown friends The Mallrats, on their track «La Grande Bouffe», it’s an hip hop song but I turned it into a chic sexy ballade, and I’m particularly proud of the result!

IMF: Who have you enjoyed working with the most and who would be your dream collaborator?
As I said, I really like to work with rappers, I made a lot of hip hop instrumentals some times ago that‘s why. Disco-house and hip hop are not that far each-other. It’s always interesting to confront different styles of music.

IMF: Your new EP “Lady Airplane”, has a more faster techy feel, is that the new sound of SSD?
Yeah Lady Airplane is very catchy, it’s a sound for the clubs, but at contrary the others are more quiet I think. I don’t want my sound to be specific. It could be anything: downtempo or uptempo, chilly or catchy, sampled or not, whatever the way, this is a question of feeling, if there is this aerial and sunny touch I love on it and if the listener smile, my aim is reached, this is She said disco.

IMF: I read a previous interview where you talked about your influences and it’s really interesting that you say you listen to everything. Does it help having an open ear to other music genres?
Yeah certainly it’s very helpful! I try to understand and like any genre of music: hardcore or soft, mainstream or underground, whatever.. Personnally, it helps my vision of making music when I understand all the specific codes of different styles of music. You can always use them in your work, that’s how you build your own style I think. I don’t know if I manage to, and I also don’t know if I make good music but at least I try to make it in a coherent way. Thanks to all the sharing tools we had nowadays, music evolve fastly, it can’t rise if it’s too easy.

IMF: Any EPs/Albums you’ve enjoyed this year? People we should be keeping our ears open for?
There are so much of them, the main good surprises for me this year was maybe stuffs like Chris Malinchak, Disclosure, Gesaffelstein, Mitch Murder, Plastic Plates, etc… I really like their sounds, but honestly who doesn’t? And if I had to choose my favorite EPs/LPs of this year I will probably pick Clark – Iradelphic, Jimmy Edgar – Majenta, Animal Collective – Centipede Hz, Damabiah – Le Sang et la Sève and Vanilla – High life, those guys are forward.

IMF: What were you listening to that influenced the sound of the Lady Airplane EP?
I don’t really know, certainly a lot of tracks but it’s not a specific one. It’s a lot about feelings too. I wanted my first EP to be representative of my world, something chilly and sunny, sensual and aerial, but also catchy.

IMF: You’ve gotten a lot of love and admiration from many well established acts including Breakbot, Matt Van Schie (of Van She), and Anoraak. How much of what you produced is influenced by them or their sound?
Yeah there’s is certainly an influence of them in my sound, we try to make funky electronic stuffs which brings good sensations. For me, guys like them are the perfect representation of nowadays pop music, they make music that everybody can like in a very contemporary way, but with this respect for old school disco and stuffs.. It’s a good way to make music, no?

IMF: Your production whether it be a remix or an original, exudes the essence of summer, sex and pretty girls. You must be surrounded by them all the time! How do you find time to work on music?
Haha! In fact except for my close friends, people don’t know I am She said disco. If I were to say I make disco music people might have the assumption that I was gay or something along those lines, so I prefer to keep it [She Said Disco] a secret. That’s why I’m not surrounded at all in fact! The only fun fact that can helps sometimes with girls is to have sex on your own music, it‘s funny! Cause yeah, let’s be honest, I make porn music, nothing much.

IMF: What three things that brings out the genius in She Said Disco?
Nature, happiness, girls.

IMF: Even though the nu-disco/french touch sound hasn’t exploded in the states quite yet, I feel that wave is riding high in France. Is their a sense of competition between all of you producing and coming from the same geographical location, like who’s sound will reign supreme/synonymous when it comes to the nu-disco/french touch when it reaches America?
I don’t think there is any kind of competition, I don’t see this like this in fact. I make this kind of music and others also, well that’s cool! I like their works too and we all walk in the same direction. I just make music, I don’t have the presumption to tell what is cool or not or what is gonna be cool, how and why, etc… I make music for fun and if people like, it’s cool and that’s all. Personnally, I like the fact that disco-house is a kind of unknown but also great genre. Like a hidden gem, it’s better if nobody knows it.

IMF: How did your last remix of the track “Far Away” by Cut Copy come about?
I tried something with those synths and bass. I wanted to make some sort of lazy house, and I used Cut Copy’s vocals on it. I love this band too, it’s a kind of tribute.

IMF: Do you have any projects/tours coming up?
For the moment, I am working on my second EP and on a videoclip (a real one this time), some remixes are on the line and I have a few gigs planned on September in Paris and in Germany. I am always up for booking guys! So promoters, don’t be shy! Drop us a mail at

IMF: Anything else you’d like to say to the readers?
Hm… Well thanks everybody for all the love! I will do my best to send it back to you!

And his love is definitely felt on every track. Speaking of tracks, bellow is a brand new remix, as promised, to keep the summer vibes going through out the approaching winter months.

If you want more from the phenomenal She Said Disco, visit one or more of these fine social media outlets bellow.

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